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Astronaut Training


In addition to playing a key role in balance, our vestibular system is essential for understanding our position in space, and setting up and supporting good visual skills. It influences our muscle tone and posture, sensorimotor integration, and basic attention and arousal. In combination with our auditory and visual systems, an intact vestibular system acts as a foundation for everything we do.

Astronaut Training is a sound activated vestibular-visual protocol that improves vestibular function, thereby improving confidence, movement, learning, and overall quality of life.

Astronaut Training is started under the supervision of a trained therapist with special equipment, including an astronaut board, visual targets, and synthesized music. Participants are positioned precisely on astronaut boards (they look like big rectangular Lazy Susans), and then rotated in time with music. It looks pretty benign, but feels like riding a rollercoaster! Following the rotation, participants complete a series of vision exercises. The entire process takes about 15 minutes each time, and is followed up with other fun activities for vestibular activation. Once they are established, programs can be carried over at home with less frequent clinic visits to monitor progress.

Astronaut Training can be helpful for people with sensory issues, balance and coordination disorders, and even for athletes looking for a competitive edge!